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 This Membership level is for Business Partners to meet and expand relationships with automotive industry business owners and technicians. 

All Business Partners receive a CAP Membership Certificate 

Standard Memberships:  Company contact listing on CAP website member directory


Premium Membership: Company contact listing with live link on CAP website member directory. Logo on CAP CarFest Banner. Includes 1 (one) Professional membership for an employee.


Platinum Membership:  Recognition and live link on CAP homepage and member directory. Opportunity to present at CAP Hosted Events throughout the year! Logo inclusion on CAP banner at CarFest. Includes 4 (four) Professional membership for employees. Plus, 10% off individual memberships for your employees.

Business Partner Membership Dues 

                   2018*         2019

Standard      $250          $500

Premium      $500         $1000
Platinum      $750         $1500


* Introductory Rate on first year. Bonus - First year membership includes remainder of 2017




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