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   ABOUT US   

The Community of Automotive Professionals was founded in 2015 by Mark Colaw. His vision was to unite the automotive repair community, with an effort of giving back to those in need with local non-profits and educate the general public regarding the automotive industry.

C.A.P. is a membership-based non-profit that organizes an annual event called CarFest in San Antonio, TX, now approaching its fifth year.

Being a part of the CAP organization allows B2B connections, shop owners to find qualified technicians, certified technicians to find employment, high school students to build relationships with local and national automotive industry professionals, and hobbyists that are interested in the automotive industry. There's a place for you!


We are a team of local shop owners, automotive distributors, and community leaders gathered to make our mission happen.

 OVER $100,000 

 in car repairs for charity 

 OVER $100,000 

 in Educational Support 

THE FACTS  - Annually


Dollars in Repairs for local charities.


Dollars and Equipment to Local Trade Schools for Education


Plus Volunteers donate their time and resources to CarFest!


Giveaway Cars!

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